CPCA’s Mission: The Chastain Park Civic Association advocates for the interests and safety of Chastain Park residents
while fostering community and neighborhood engagement.






Since 1978, the CPCA has been "the voice of Chastain Park"
by working in these three key areas:


  • Maintain strong relationships with our elected representatives and commissioners from the Cities of Atlanta and Sandy Springs, Fulton County, Georgia.
  • Provide strong representation on Neighborhood Planning Units-A & B, Atlanta Zoning Review Board, and Buckhead Council of Neighborhoods.
  • Ensure that we and our neighbors have a voice at the table for any proposed changes to current land use in and around Chastain Park.



  • Maintain strong communications channels and neighborhood interaction with Atlanta and Sandy Springs public safety departments, as applicable.
  • Provide social media feedback to community when crimes or other public emergencies occur—CPCA website, Nextdoor Chastain, Facebook, Email blasts.
  • Supplement, when possible, Atlanta Police Department (APD) and Sandy Springs Police Department (SSPD) with CPCA-sponsored security patrols.
  • Work with applicable City Council representatives to ensure better safety through improvements such as sidewalks, crosswalks, and signals to provide for safe pedestrian access to neighbors, schools and parks.



  • Monthly CPCA meetings provide a platform for neighbors, guest speakers and elected officials to discuss issues such as land use planning and development, education, roads, sidewalks, traffic, events, crime, and safety.
  • Neighborhood events and festivals such as the annual Winter Social at the Chastain Horse Park and the 4th of July parade and activities on Chastain Park Avenue. 
  • Social Media–CPCA website, Nextdoor Chastain, CPCA Facebook page, Email blasts 
  • The social support provided by strong and cohesive neighborhoods and communities are linked to decreases in crime, better outcomes for children, and improved physical and mental health.
  • Maintaining strong relationships with Chastain Park Partners: Chastain Horse Park, Chastain Tennis Center, American Golf (North Fulton Golf Course), Chastain Park Athletic Club (Pool), NYO (Northside Youth Organization), The Galloway School, The Chastain Arts Center, American Legion Post 140, Chastain Park Conservancy (CPC), and Chastain Park Amphitheater.